Semi Final Entry

StageYay, you’re through to the LIVE semi-finals of Rugby’s got Talent 2023. Congratulations!

The semi-finals will be held in front of the judging panel and a live, paying audience on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of July, at The BENN Hall in Rugby. The shows both start at 7:30pm but (very importantly) you will need to be at your allocated semi-final by 5pm in order that we can complete sound checks and the event briefing.

You will need to prepare two performances, one will be your primary act and should run for a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of four minutes. The second will be a backup, in the event that the judges need to hear more from you to make a decision.

Now you need to complete the form below to ensure we have all the information we need to plan the shows. This must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 9th June, after which we will allocate you to one of the semi-final dates.

Semi-Final acceptance form

Please email your MP3 files to
If you are under 18 your guest *must* be present and *must* be a parent or guardian.
Ticket price for this offer is £5.00 (full price is £7.50) but please note that this offer can *only* be claimed at the time of submitting this form. No payment is required now, we will send you an invoice separately. More additional tickets will be available to purchase online at the full price.