Because there’s always the small print!

These are the terms and conditions for entering Rugby’s Got Talent. They are not intended to be onerous; they are just common sense rules and conditions to make sure that Rugby’s Got Talent is safe, fair and fun for everyone involved.

A. Entry

  1. RGT is the abbreviated name for Rugby’s Got Talent.
  2. By completing the online entry form, you become an entrant.
  3. If selected for the semi-final stage, you become a performer.
  4. An entrant can be an individual or a group. For a group the entry must be by a main contact who will ensure that all other group members are aware of the entry, these rules, and all communications from RGT.
  5. Entry for RGT 2024 will be open from 01 April 2024 until 15 June 2024.
  6. Entry is open to any type of performance suited to the venue’s stage.
  7. Entrants must be over 18 yrs old on the show dates (or over 12 yrs with parental support).
  8. Entrants must live within 15 miles (straight-line) of Rugby town centre (The Clock Tower).
  9. Entry is only possible online, using the official RGT entry form on this site.
  10. Entrants must provide a link to video running for two to four minutes. Either make your video available online e.g. upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or alternatively use WeTransfer and send to If you wish to submit via WhatsApp or any other method, please contact us for further details.
  11. Video containing profanity or obscenity will be disqualified. Re-submission from the same entrant may be possible but only at the discretion of RGT. If unsure what constitutes a profanity or obscenity potential entrants should contact RGT in advance.

B. Judging

  1. RGT and the judging panel’s decisions are final; it is not possible to appeal any decision.
  2. Judging is based on criteria determined by RGT and the judging panel.
  3. Up to 20 entrants or reserves will be selected to take part as performers in the live semi-finals.
  4. At each semi final, three to four performers will be selected to take part in the live final.
  5. Further “wild card” finalists may be selected from the other performers, making eight finalists in total.
  6. At the final, a single RGT winner and two runners-up will be announced.
  7. Audience participation and/or response will be an influencing factor at the live shows but the judging panel are the arbiters in selecting winners at each stage.
  8. The judging panel at each live stage will be four people with suitable backgrounds and credentials.
  9. We strive that judges are unconnected to any of the entrants or performers involved, but if there is any connection this will be declared by judges in their public comments.

C. Live Performances

  1. Performers must be available at The BENN Hall from 4:30pm on performance days for preparation. Exact arrival times will be specified once the programme is finalised.
  2. All performers must remain at the event venue for the full show period and until released by the RGT event management team.
  3. A parent or guardian responsible for a performer under the age of 18 must be present for the preparation period, purchase a ticket and be in the audience for the full show or shows, and be able to attend backstage if called to do so by RGT or venue staff.
  4. Performers agree to work closely and promptly with the RGT and venue technical team to ensure efficient stage management and quick set-up between acts.
  5. Any equipment used that is owned by a performer must be approved by the RGT technical team in advance and be fully compatible with the sound system provided.
  6. Any performance which includes profanity or obscenity will be immediately terminated by the judges and technical team, and the entrant disqualified.
  7. Performances will consist of one performance (maximum four minutes) with a second performance (maximum three minutes) held ready in reserve for if requested by the judges.
  8. Performers must comply immediately with any or directions or instructions given by the RGT or venue Stage Manager.
  9. Performances are live immediately. Sound checks, rehearsals and technical set up will be completed prior to the commencement of the show and then finalised during the announcements by the compere. A minimum of three minutes changeover time will be built into the event programme.
  10. Performance timing will start immediately a performer is audible and a maximum of 15 seconds after the compere’s introduction and applause.
  11. Performers, RGT staff, venue staff and parents/chaperones only are permitted backstage.
  12. Performers must comply with all venue and stage safety instructions and rules.

D. General

  1. Entrants agree that RGT can republish or link to submitted video.
  2. Performers agree to the recording and publication, including online, of photographs, audio and video taken by RGT and local newspapers/radio stations during the event including backstage.
  3. Performers agree and accept that members of the public in the audience are likely to record and publish performance photographs, audio and video.
  4. RGT reserves the right to edit, remove or block social media content in respect of competitors that are minors (and others at our discretion) to both safeguard individuals and protect the RGT brand reputation.
  5. RGT will disqualify and remove any performer, associated group and/or audience members in the event of antisocial behaviour or the unreasonable consumption of alcohol.
  6. RGT in its absolute discretion may disqualify and remove performers and audience members for any other reason; this rule will not be applied unreasonably.
  7. RGT accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred, damage to equipment, injury or other liability in respect of any entrant or performer.
  8. The winner and runner up agree to take part in all follow up publicity and activity including media interviews, photography, videography and further public appearances.

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